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Robbyn Holland, President


Home Care will continue to grow in a lot of different ways as States push hard to rebalance Medicaid funding into Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) and Home Healthcare pressures the Federal government to offer more palliative care coverage.

Although home care can be a lucrative business it does have its challenges.

By 2030, the U.S. will need 2.5 more caregivers working in long-term care services to keep up with the growing needs of our aging population.
See possible solutions.

Home Health is a HIGHLY regulated industry and Home Care is heading that way due to the availability of insurance contracts now paying for in-home care services.

Now is the time to ensure your agency is up-to-date on staff training and HR files are complete so you can remain compliant while taking advantage of these new insurance benefits.


Onboarding staff and keeping up required training is a monumental task yet vital in keeping your agency from receiving tags and staying “fine free.”

Using our beautiful-patented video training, staff will review Policies and Procedures every agency should have in their employee handbook. New staff and current staff should review these policies upon hire and upon their 1-year work anniversary.

Staff sign on remotely to work through the P & P then complete “12” In-Service training videos. All are required prior to sending your staff to see a patient or client.

Additional 1-hour training each month will improve client care and client satisfaction. Ongoing training will reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, reduce caregiver turnover and build a solid reputation with referral sources.